Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging, using infrared photography, is an advanced method of finding heat loss and potential for ice damming.

Leak and Heat Loss Detection Is 
More Accurate With Thermal Imaging

If you own or manage a building, early detection of problems or non-intrusive diagnostics of problems saves you money. The Ledegar Image Report can help you with building diagnostics:Scanner shows areas lacking in insulation.jpg

  • Early leak detection
  • Improve energy efficiency - stop heat loss
  • Fast, accurate location of saturated or
    problem areas
  • Year-round scheduling of diagnostics

Leak Detection With Infrared Photography

Our Image Report helps you locate and correct leaks above the roof line. Preventing interior damage to your property is a key benefit of this service. Our diagnostics are able to determine leaks year round. Using a non-destructive method of detecting leaks, you save money. The accuracy of detecting the leak also is higher when using infrared. Learn more about why Ledegar finds the leaks others can't!

Heat Loss or Saturated Areas Documented

Ledegar can detect heat loss areas easily.Owning and managing a building involves knowing how to obtain the highest return on your building investment. Ledegar's Infrared system helps you detect these problems and contain those incidental costs early - saving you money. Finding these problems early helps you avoid heat loss, leaks, ice damming, or mold issues. If repair is needed it may be less costly to correct.