Prevention of Ice Dams

Ice dams can wreak havoc to your building, including interior damage caused by leaks.  Finding and correcting the problem areas of your roof causing ice dams requires the experience that Ledegar Roofing delivers. 

Do You Have Icicles on Your Home or Building?

If so, they are a sign of a significant problem. Icicles typically form on gutters or at the edge of a roof where water runs off and freezes. It is important to learn why this happens and how to prevent it before it becomes a costly problem.

What Causes Icicles to Form?

icicles.jpgImproper ventilation in your attic space is the major reason why icicles appear on your home or business.

It may seem odd to add attic insulation for warmth and then purposely allow cold air to enter the attic through vents, but this combination is the key to an energy-efficient building. Without proper ventilation, your building will experience heat loss, heating the roof top causing the snow to melt, run off and freeze. Over a period of time, ice dams will form. Water behind the dam can find openings in the roof, between shingles or along seams, then work its way in. Often, water will leak into the attic space, but it can also drip into walls, onto ceilings or collect on insulation. All of these issues introduce damaging moisture into the structural components.

Proper ventilation is just one of the details Ledegar takes into consideration when installing any new roof.

Contact Ledegar today before a few icicles turn into huge headaches! And, learn how a regular maintainance program can help you avoid unexpected costs down the road.

Did You Experience Heavy Snowfall This Winter?

Excess weight from a heavy snowfall can cause structural problems, an easily avoidable situation! Learn more about this problem and our snow removal services.

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