The Ledegar Difference

Why a Ledegar roof will outlast any others

There is a difference when choosing Ledegar Roofing Company.
Some of you may have learned the hard way that the “cheapest” is seldom the least expensive. Ledegar Roofing shaking customer hand.jpg When a job is done right the first time, with no corners cut, it is unlikely you will have to have that job done again before it is time or spend money fixing the “cheap” job that you thought would save you money.
Each Ledegar job includes the details that are often not included in other contractors’ bids, details that ensure the job is done right the first time.

Professional, educated project managers

We understand that first impressions are very important.  With your first phone call or email, you will be directed to a project manager specific to your needs.  Ledegar can offer ALL roofing options to our customers because we have the experience and expertise in all roofing systems.  Whether you are a commercial or residential customer, with a sloped or flat roof, your first contact will be with a knowledgeable member of the Ledegar’s professional staff that can advise you on all systems and help you make the best choice for your specific needs.

Large, experienced crews lead by the best foremen in the industry

Once your decision is made and you are placed on Ledegar’s schedule, a large crew will complete your project on schedule and on budget.  The foreman of each crew is experienced and knowledgeable of any roofing system he is in charge of and is available to answer any questions the customer may have.  And, as always, every crew member is fully insured and OSHA trained.

Layer by Layer Protection

Roof installation with underlayments

There is more to a roof than price. And often, the cheapest bid turns out to be the most expensive when corners are cut and leaks happen as a result. Ledegar Roofing will never go over an existing roof. Although this is a common practice for many inexpensive and inexperienced contractors, there is no way to ensure against leaks and future damages without inspection of the decking, proper ventilation, and correct underlayment and barriers. All of these details are discussed during the consultation as well the pros and cons of each roofing system available.  

Property protection and daily clean-up

We understand construction of any kind can be an inconvenience and intrusion. That is why it isProtection of property_Ledegar crews.jpg Ledegar's practice to use large, professionally trained crews on each job to get it done quickly and correctly.
Another detail included in every job is protection of other parts of the building and landscaping. Clean up at the end of each and every day is ritual. There will be no need for concern of children or pets coming across scraps or nails. 

Five step inspection process

Quality inspections are continuous throughout each project.  First, all jobs are overseen by the project manager.  Second, the foreman inspects each job daily.  Third, upon completion an inspection is made by Ledegar's field superintendent and the punch list will be completed before the crew leaves your project.  Fourth, our service department will perform a final inspection in preparation for the manufacturer's on-site approval.  After the manufacturer inspects the roof, you will receive your warranty.

Best warranties in the industry

Ledegar Roofing has earned numerous awards for their expert installations and quality workmanship.  Therefore, manufacturers can extend the longest warranties available to Ledegar customers.  And, unlike other roofing contractors, Ledegar also gives a 5-25 workmanship warranty on each of their jobs so you can be assured that you have received the very best job by the very best company. 

A growing, reputable company since 1908

After investing in your property with a quality Ledegar roof, you will continue to have the company here to back up their work.  Established in 1908, Ledegar Roofing Company continues to grow, employing the area’s hardworking men and women, giving back to the community and maintaining high standards that began with John Ledegar.