Not All Metal Shingles Are Created Equal

Imagine that you just invested in a lifetime metal roofing system and a few years later granules are falling off and algae starts appearing! This is what will happen with granulated or stone-coated metal like that offered by Decra® or Metro® products. When you choose Ledegar Roofing, you also choose their expertise in installing the best products on the market today. EDCO® products are at the top of the list.


  • Lifetime, non-prorated transferrable warranty (Actual lifetime!)
  • Durable Kynar® coating, with no granules to fall off, with a 30-40 year finish warranty
  • Reflective benefits - Will not bulid up heat like asphalt or granulated metal shingles. 
  • Energy Star tax incentives
  • Contains no organic material and will remain algae free for life
  • 160 mph wind warranty
  • Class 4 hail rating
  • 34 colors and 5 styles to choose from  



Stylish EDCO® metal shingles come in a variety of colors and styles to compliment
any building.

Decra® and Metro®

  • Limited 50 year warranty (Metro® has a 25-year “appearance” warranty)

  • Stone coated granules that can fall off over time, leaving an asphalt coated metal shingle.
  • No reflective qualities and will build up heat just as an asphalt shingle would.
  • No Energy Star tax incentives
  • Granules contain organic material and will accumulate algae and moss 
  • 120 mph wind warranty
  • Class 4 hail rating
  • Decra® - 21 colors and 5 styles
    Metro® - 17 colors and 4 stlyes 
    Decra® shingles will start to develop algae and
    moss like inexpensive asphalt shingles.