Commercial Maintenance Program

Our trained roofing professionals provide unwavering service that starts with a down to earth consultation. In this session, we will document, discuss and analyze your unique roofing needs, based on the specific form and function of your building. This program ensures our continued roofing expertise and dedication to preserving and protecting your investment. Call or email our service department today and let us develop a maintenance plan that suits your schedule.

New Roof Penetrations

Maintenance pic.jpg

Thorough inspections and repair in various "problem" areas:

  • Plumbing Penetrations
  • Walkway Pads
  • Architectural Sheet Metal
  • Any Flat or Sloped Roofing
  • Removal of any obsolete Penetrations

Roof Surveys and Preventative Maintenance

  • Find problems before they become leaks maintenance-commercial-roof_survey.jpg
  • For every $1 spent on roof damage, it averages $12 in interior damage
  • Visual Roof Inspections (Flat or Sloped)
  • Core Samples and Analysis
  • Full Report including drawings
  • R-Values
  • Moisture Detection-undetected and unrepaired leaks could lead to mold
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Deficiency Location with Estimates of Repair
  • Extend your Roof life expectancy

Infrared Photography


  • Infrared photography allows you to detect moisture in roofs, insulation, and ceiling, which lets you monitor how fast things are drying out
  • Heat Loss
  • With thermal imaging you can detect missing or damaged insulation
  • Analytical Reports
  • Reports and drawings may be provided for insurance companies, maintenance, or corporate assessment
  • Saturated insulation is a major contributor to mold, deck deterioration, and loss of R-Value

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