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Dec 21, 2017

2017 was a year of growth and noteworthy performances by many of Ledegar’s hard working and dedicated employees. Each year, the annual employee meeting is an opportunity to recognize the stand out crews, crew members and departments.

Employee of the year_2017_Scott Serres.jpg


Employee of the Year

Scott Serres was awarded the 2017 Employee of the Year. 

The recipient of numerous positive reviews, Scott is appreciated by his customers for his attention to detail, quality workmanship, honesty, timeliness, professionalism and courteous manner. He is proficient in all roofing systems, takes great pride in his work and finds the right solution for each need. The company and his co-workers are better because of his experience and knowledge.


Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year-2017_Jose Alvarez.jpg
Jose Alvarez was recognized as the Rookie of the Year for his excellent work ethic, willingness to learn anything and exceptional attitude. Always willing to lend a helping hand no matter the task, Jose truly cares about his co-workers, customers and company.





One of the many aspects that makes Ledegar Roofing a leading roofing contractor is the experience and expertise by our crews. The picture below represents over a century of roofing/maintenance experience from their time at Ledegar alone.

 work anniversaries_2017.jpg

Milestone anniversaries: From left to right: Ronnie Derks (15 yrs), Tony Maier (20 yrs), Rick Campbell (5 yrs), Scott Serres (10 yrs), Greg Nott (5 yrs), Pat Owen (20 yrs), Nate Korger (5 yrs), Yeng Cha Moua (5 yrs), Aaron Kerr (10 yrs), Jim Betthauser (5 yrs), Kevin Sobczak (5 yrs), and Jason Kruger (5 yrs).

Safety and Efficiency

Ledegar Roofing has received numerous awards for its safety records. This year the crew named the “Safest” was the crew under foreman Eric Ellis.  Due to efficiency and quality in volume in work, Ledegar is able to continue to grow, employing more each year. The crew named the “Most Efficient” was the crew under Morgan Von Buskirk. The crew that had the “Most Volume” was the crew under Carl Mades (pictured below).

Carl's crew_most volume 2017.jpg

Most Improved

Recognition by peers is always regarded highly. This year each foreman was asked to name their crew member they felt was “Most Improved”. Here is that list:

  • Jason Longmire (foreman Eric)
  • Josh See (foreman Joel)
  • Charlie Berra (foreman Carl)
  • Alex Scott (foreman Kyle)
  • Jose Alvarez (foreman Bryant)
  • Justin Johnson (foreman Morgan)

Fastest Growing Department

Ledegar Roofing Company is the only roofing contractor in the area with a full service department for residential properties. Therefore we can offer repair and maintenance options that others can’t. And, due to the excellent members of this department, this is the fastest growing part of the company with Nate Korger accumulating the most hours worked this year by anyone in the company, answering emergency calls whenever needed.




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