Choosing the right roof for your building

Nov 20, 2013

The Right Choice

Whether you are replacing a roof or have a new construction project, choosing the right roofing contractor and right system involves more than just getting bids from multiple businesses.60-mil-ballasted-transluscent-panels-and-flush-seam-metal-panels.jpg

  • Ledegar is experienced in all roofing systems for flat and sloped surfaces, as well as wall panels, translucent skylights and windows. 
  • Quality control is top notch with inspections by first the foreman, then an owner and finally the manufacturer.
  • Ledegar holds an OSHA safety record for longest period without lost time due to injury.
  • Our professional project managers offer design-build services for a smooth, timely process.

Budget is important, but other factors are also just as important.

A Ledegar job includes details like ventilation calculations, proper venting, high quality underlayment, protection of property and thorough, daily clean up.
Are other contractors including this in their bids?

How long has the contractor been in business and what kind of reputation do they have? (Do a background check on the company and owners)standing seam metal roof

American-Legion_custom-valleys-and-flashings.jpgWill an investment in a better system save you money in the long run? We will discuss ROI with you in order to help you make the best decision.

What impact does your choice have on the environment? Disposable roofing, such as asphalt shingles, contributes to filling up landfills, while energy efficient, lifetime systems are better for our communities and the planet.

Do they offer warranties beyond the manufacturer's warranties? Ledegar Roofing includes a workmanship warranty on top of being able to offer the longest manufacturers' warranties available.

Are they insured for any damages or injuries that occur on my property? Most homeowners' insurance would only cover a fraction of the costs of a severe injury or tragedy on their property. Ledegar carries a $5 million liability insurance policy, never uses any "free lance" labor and every one of their crew members are fully-insured Ledegar employees.

Do they come recommended from the manufacturer of any system I choose? Ledegar Roofing is proud to say we have "Elite" or "Gold" status with each of our manufacturers due to the quality and accuracy of installation of each and every job. Check out all of our awards.

Other considerations when choosing a roofing system for a commercial property

Ledegar Roofing will be your partner in helping you determine the best system for your current and long term needs. We stand apart from others in the industry; here are just a few factors to consider when choosing your contractor:

  • Is your current roof serving your present needs?
  • How often is your commercial roof accessed or walked on?
  • Are there any outside hazards or emissions?
  • Click here for a list of other factors considered as Ledegar experts help you determine the system that best fits your needs.

Contact us to set up an appointment to learn more.

Ledegar Roofing

Ledegar Roofing has been providing quality, expert roofing services since 1908.

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